National Director

October 2022 to April 2023

Médicalia is a Guadeloupean home health care provider operating through 8 agencies in France and in the DOM-TOM

Summary of experience:

I was headhunted for this position to structure the business and enable development in the metropolitan area.

In a context of deep restructuring following a massive wave of departures and a loss of turnover of more than 50%, I have:

  • Significally reduced expenses while improving the level of service
  • Allowed a 36% increase in monthly turnover
  • Implemented compliance processes to reduce legal risk
  • Set up activity management tools and structured reporting
  • Led a team of 20 people composed of regional directors, proximity managers, BPDO responsible pharmacists, coordinating nurses, dieticians, and technicians

>> Reporting to the President of Médicalia

The company, having decided to postpone its national development ambitions due to significant cash flow difficulties, I accepted an offer as part of a voluntary redundancy plan involving about ten people within the group as I was unable to take on more responsibility for the activities of Médicalia.


Financial analysis:

  • Analysis of balance sheets, income statements, and multi-year cash flows
  • Establishment of intermediate management balances
  • Development of a cost reduction strategy
    • Analysis of expenses and contracts
    • Identification of optimizations and priorities
  • Implementation of a forecast
  • Implementation of a vehicle fleet management tool in Excel
  • Implementation of an equipment management tool in Excel
  • Establishment of a weekly reporting template in PowerPoint

Compliance and legal:

  • Redesign of the website and GDPR compliance (Legal notices, cookies…)
  • Adoption of a secure instant messaging system compliant with French laws
  • Migrated IT infrastructure
  • Validated HDS compliance of email servers
  • Implemented a tool and dedicated processes to facilitate biannual transparency declarations in connection with the Law on the Regulation of Benefits / DMOS
  • Compliance with the 1982 National Collective Agreement for mutual insurance companies, provident institutions, and contracts
  • Management of labor disputes
  • Relations with law firms specializing in DMOS, Labor Law, and Insurance


  • Compliance with the 1982 National Collective Agreement for mutual insurance companies, provident institutions, and contracts
  • Management of entries and exits (Contract drafting, Occupational medicine, Mutual insurance, provident institutions, EPC, Preliminary interviews…)
  • Relations with the OPCO
    • Implementation of training courses endorsed by the sales team
    • Implementation of training for proximity managers with ESSEC Executive Education
  • Recruitment, onboarding
  • Dismissal, offboarding
  • Management of labor disputes in collaboration with the HR consulting firm and the group’s law firm

Opérations Management:

  • Creation of tools in Excel
    • Equipment management
    • Vehicle fleet management
    • Insurance
  • Managing relationships with lawyers, property owners, and suppliers
  • Ensuring BPDO compliance for service vehicles and premises
  • Steering cross-functional IT projects
    • Business solutions audit
    • Negotiations
    • Regulatory compliance management
    • Implementation of HDS-compliant tools

Business development:

  • Steering
    • Establishing scoring systems
    • Historical analysis
  • Team supervision
    • Setting objectives for my team
    • Implementation of activity tracking tools in Excel
    • Setting up and co-facilitating weekly Monday meetings, creating PowerPoint presentations
    • Implementing weekly one-to-one meetings on Fridays
    • Change management
  • Establishing relationships with new establishments
    • Meetings with general management, care management, department heads
    • Organizing staff meetings and lunches
    • Opening new services
  • Building relationships with national KOLs
  • Strengthening relationships with professionals and fostering loyalty
    • Appointments
    • Network animation
  • Organizing and participating in conferences
    • CRAU
    • ADAMU
    • EMC2
    • Urgences
  • Managing litigious cases


  • Prospecting and negotiations for renewing the automobile fleet in LLD
    • 15 automatic vehicles ) found in stock
    • Significant annual reduction in expenses
    • 0€ cash outflow
    • Adjustment of toll and fuel card rates
  • Finalization of the acquisition of 4 service vehicles purchased on lease
  • Study and analysis of insurance contracts
    • Implementation of a fleet insurance contract
    • Implementation of new mutual insurance contracts
    • Implementation of new professional multi-risk insurance contracts
  • Establishment of a purchasing procedure
    • Competitive bidding
    • Negotiations
    • Expense reimbursement and invitation policy in compliance with DMOS / LEA
  • Sourcing new suppliers:
    • Prospecting in France
    • Prospecting internationally
  • Sourcing insurance, law firms, HR firms


  • Website redesign
    • GDPR compliance
    • SEO
  • Sourcing a digital communication agency : researching, identifying, and selecting the most suitable agency to meet company’s digital communication needs
  • Content creation on CANVA and AI
    • Patient information sheets, PowerPoint templates, brochures, posters
  • Organization and participation in conferences
    • Urgences, EMC2, CRAU, JFN…
    • Managing invitations
  • Development of the LinkedIn community


  • Implementation of public communication actions
  • Implementation of communication actions on behalf of FEDEPSAD

Lobbying and Alliance Development:

  • Participation in the work of the FEDEPSAD infusion commission
  • Relations with supervisory authorities
  • Relationships with KOL and learned societies