Independent Digital Health Consultant

Recognized in the field of eHealth, I have been solicited since 2016 for specific training and strategic support missions. I have accompanied AFMC-LR, WHO, MILVUE, HiNounou, Nora BERRA and Global-ID

Collaboration in the realization of business plan with Charles BARK, Xavier SCHNEIDER, Daddyer DUPONT as Chief Business Officer, I-Lab presentation, development of clinical study protocol, fundraising collaboration

Collaboration in the fundraising of Global-ID led by Lambert SONNA and offering a tool to secure access to databases via multi-sided veinal scanner and blockchain cryptography technologies

Scientific validation study and pre-launch of an artificial intelligence algorithm on emergencies. In collaboration with Aïssa KHELIFA and the MILVUE team as part of an RNIPH involving 2 CH and 4 CHU.

Institut Catholique de Paris

As part of a professional intervention event, Gauthier DELAFORGE and I held a conference on leadership.

We were ranked 2nd among the speakers during the 3-day event based on a survey conducted among the students, receiving an 88% satisfaction rate.

Les entretiens de l’excellence

J’ai été contacté et retenu pour tenir une conférence sur le domaine de la santé dans le cadre des entretiens de l’excellence

AFMC-LR (Association of Continuing Medical Education)
Analysis of the training needs of professionals in the use of digital tools.
Development of funding files supported by the FAF-PM as part of continuing education.
Animation of training courses

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