Training, certifications, and diplomas

“All I know is that I don’t know anything”


Summary of the academic background:

I have always been fascinated by science and knowledge.

Although atypical, my career path reflects this fierce desire to better understand the world around us and to constantly acquire new knowledge to broaden my field of perception and expertise.

I try to learn from the best and the more I learn, the more I measure the extent of our ignorance while marveling at our ability to develop knowledge.

Not to mention that these studies are always an opportunity to meet exciting people and build international connections.

I hope to be able to continue to learn as often as possible and for as long as possible.

You will find here my diplomas, but I am also certified:

  • Transactional Analysis (ISM)
  • NLP (ISM)
  • Social-styles (ISM)
  • Management (ISM)
  • Strategic selling (Miller Heiman)
  • Conceptual selling (Miller Heiman)
  • B2B Sales
  • Key account sales
  • Good practice in oxygen dispensation
  • Jury of Assizes

—Next objectives:

Certification: Global Management from INSEAD of which I have already passed a module.
I then hope to take the INSEAD MBA and pursue a PhD.